Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 47

I grasped my dad's arm tightly, waiting for the doors to open back up. My dad looked over and smiled, "This is it kiddo, don't trip." he teased.

I knew his intention was to make me laugh, but I really was worried about tripping. I let my mind wander as I stood there, still waiting for the men in black and white to open the doors. I held my bouquet of red and white flowers tightly, then nodded to the men. They swung the doors open, letting the beams of light shine on my face.

[Val's POV]

Cameras started flashing left and right. I was blinded, not from all of the flashes, but from her. She was absolutely amazing, her face was glowing, her teeth the brightest of white. We were looking right into each others eyes, and she was the only person in the world. She was the only person that I could see or wanted to see.

As they finally reached the end of the isle she stopped and turned to her dad. He kissed her forehead and handed her over to me. "Take good care of her, son." he patted my back and I smiled back at him.

I took her hands in mine, smiling uncontrollably. "Hey" she whispered, "I missed you."

"I missed you too." I gave her hands a reassuring squeeze.

The priest began but we still didn't take our eyes off of one another. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony." We lit our separate candles, then the big one in the middle that represented our lives combined.

Ilari handed me the rings and I held her left hand in mine, holding the ring with my other. I then repeated after the priest, "With this ring I thee wed: In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Amen." I slid the ring onto her hand and smiled.

I watched as Morgan did the same, "I almost dropped it." she laughed. I laughed quietly until the priest began again. He turned us away from him so we were looking at everyone. "I now pronounce you, man and wife."

We walked down the isle hand in hand as quickly as possible. When we finally made it through the house and into the limo parked in front of the house we were laughing and crying all at the same time.

"I love you so much." She told me as she leaned in and kissed me passionately.

"I love you, Mrs. Filppula." I kissed her back.

She giggled, then rested her forehead on mine, "You look very hansom in your tuxedo, Mr. Filppula." She played along. We stopped all of a sudden, then got out to take our wedding pictures in a small park. It was a park that we had been to together dozens of times while being in Finland.

After all of our pictures were taken we climbed back into the limo and went back to the house for the reception. We both stopped on the porch, in front of the door, "I promise I won't drink more then a couple glasses Hun." And it was true, I didn't want to drink too much and not be able to remember the night. Plus, I felt kinda bad that she couldn't drink at all.

As we pushed the door open everyone screamed and yelled. The one that really stood out was Brett. "Eyyy Val!! Wooohooo, my married man!!!" he was the loudest man I had ever heard in my life.

[My POV]

We took our seats at the main table, Lacey and Madison to my right, Val, Ilari, and Pavel to my left and the Stanley Cup right in front of the table. The waiters began serving the food, and it was a good thing because I was starving. We had a Finnish dish that Val's mother had the chef make.

"Do you like it?" Val turned to me.

"I love it, but I think I'd eat anything right about now." I laughed.

After everyone finished with dinner the cake was rolled out. Val and I got up to cut it, I of course smeared it on his face. He looked at me with a hand full of cake and shook his head, "I don't want to cover that pretty face." he licked the frosting off of his lips.

Clanking of the forks on the glasses began all around us. Val raised his big bushy eyebrows waiting for me to kiss him. Leaned in and pecked his cake covered mouth, "That's some good cake." I winked.

My dad pulled me aside for the father daughter dance, and Val danced with his mom. As we swayed back and forth I laid my head on his shoulder. "I love you Daddy, and thank you so much for the necklace."

"I love you too kiddo, and don't mention it."

The music stopped and I heard a familiar song come over the speakers. I felt a light tapping on my shoulder and turned around to see his cheesy grin. "My I have this dance?" he asked.

I giggled and took his hand, "Of course." We spun around the floor, staring into each other's eyes. It seemed like time itself had stopped, if it had that would be okay. This is where I wanted to spend the rest of my life, safe, in his arms forever. Nothing could harm me, everything just felt perfect. And that's all I could and would ever ask for. He was mine and I was his forever and ever.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 46

I woke up in the morning to my Dad slowly creaking the door open and peeking his head into the room. "Sorry hun, I didn't mean to wake you. Just checking up." he smiled.

"Morning Daddy" I waved and smiled as I watched him walk back into the hallway.

I hadn't realized just how late it was, I looked out the window and saw Rainer, Ronnie, and Aaron setting up the chairs outside. The alter was already fixed up, strung with thousands of white and red flowers. "Beautiful" I whispered to myself.

I sat up in bed, stretching, running my hand along where I wished Val could be laying next to me. On the pillow there was a little white piece of paper with a red ribbon tied to it..typical Val.. I pulled the ribbon off and laid it beside me on the bed.

I'm sorry I couldn't stay with you this morning.
I love watching you wake up.
My mom likes tradition so I guess I can't see you
until the wedding. Anyway, I can't wait to see you
walking down the isle, but even more, I can't wait to
have you in my life forever.

I felt a tear run down my cheek as I tucked the little white note into my purse. Soon after Lacey rushed in, followed by Madison and Val's mom. I quickly wiped my face with the back of my hand and put on a smile. "Good morning, are you excited?" Liisa asked in a thick accent.

"Yeah, just tired." I sighed.

Before I knew it Lacey had my makeup complete, it was gorgeous. Everything I expected and more. I sat and examined myself, my freckles on the bridge of my nose were gone, everything blending in as the same tone. The scar on the top of my lip just barely showed through, and I didn't mind. I've had that scar since I was three years old, it had become a part of me.

Liisa insisted that I eat some watermelon for brunch to hold me until the reception. So I followed her orders and ate four pieces. Need I remind you that I'm eating for three. After I was done munching, Liisa started on my hair. She pulled it back out of my face, into a pony and curled it. She let it fall to the side, landing just above my collar bone, then clipped the white vail in place. Simple, yet stunning.

Once that was done I stepped into my dress and held my breath as Madison and Lacey began lacing up the back, tugging in different directions.

"Does it fit?" I whispered, afraid to let my breath out.

"Open your eyes darling." Liisa whispered back.

I let my eyes open and looked at myself in the mirror. The dress fit like a glove, and I was amazed, thinking that for sure something would go wrong with it. My dad knocked on the door, and cleared his throat, signaling everyone else to leave.

I gave him a tight hug, "So what do you think?" I smiled.

"You look absolutely amazing, you have no idea how much you look like your mother right now." he looked over my face. I watched a tear roll down his pain felt face, and I could feel for the first time the pain that he went through everytime he looked at me and saw my mother.

"Well I actually came in here to give you this." he handed me a black velvet box with my mom's initials on the cover. I knew exactly what it was, but for some reason I was hoping that it wasn't what I thought it was. Sure enough I opened the box and found my mother's pearl necklace that my dad had given her many years ago. I had been hoping that he would keep it, he needed a piece of her more then I did.

I held it in my hands, feeling a chill run up my spine, then held it out for my dad to clasp it around my neck. It went perfectly with the dress, accenting every part that needed it.

"Thank you so much Dad." was all I could say. He pulled me into another tight hug, then left the room with more tears forming in his eyes.

"You made your Dad cry too?" I heard a manly voice come from the doorway.

"Aaron!" I jumped into his arms. "What do you mean?" I asked as he set me back down on the floor. He walked over to the window sill and stood there, just looking out into the yard.

"Val was in tears earlier, trying to write some note for you, by the way I helped him with that. You wouldn't have been able to read it if he did it himself." he clarified proudly.

"Oh." I stated simply. "Well thanks then."

"Well I just stopped by to say hello, and good luck. You look beautiful by the way." he winked as he left. I shook my head and laughed, same old Aaron.

Again I was left alone in my room, just waiting for it to be 3:00 O'clock. I continued watching everyone working outside again, Pav, Aaron, and Meechers were trying to move the organ closer to the alter. By the looks of it things weren't working out too well.

Derek saw me watching and waved, jogging into the house. Soon after he knocked on my door. "Hey, wow you do look beautiful." he smiled widely. I felt my cheeks turn red, "Thanks..So I see you gave up on moving the organ." I laughed.

"Oh, yeah. Uhm..well I just wanted to come in here to congratulate you, I never did get the chance, I kinda feel like a jerk. I really couldn't be more happy for you." he looked at the ground.

"So why did you feel like a jerk?" I was confused.

"Well, this isn't easy for me to say, so just bare with me here. I'm sorta, kinda..well I'm jealous. God that felt good to get off my chest. I know I shouldn't be, because you and Val are so perfect together. You belong together, it just took some time to get used to the idea." he sighed in relief.

"Well I'm glad you told me Derek. If you don't feel awkward or anything I'd really like to be friends, if that's not too cliche for you." I smirked.

"Uh, yeah. Friends, friends will be great." he stuck out his hand for me to shake but I pulled him into a hug. "Friends hug. Plus I'm getting married, so I deserve a hug."

I watched him walk out of the room just as I had watched many people go in and out of the room today. I sighed and sat back down on the bed just as Liisa came to get me. Wow, 3:00 already? I thought.

She pulled me down the hallway, stopping behind Lacey and Ilari. They both waved, Ilari whispering, "Last chance kiddo, I still don't understand why you're marrying my dorky brother!" I cracked up laughing right before the organist started the music.

Madison and Pavel disappeared through he doors first, then Lacey and Ilari. I realized it was my turn as my dad took my arm in his. I waited behind the doors as the music gradually slowed, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 45

"No, this has to go there, so that can go over here." I ordered in a stressful tone.

Liisa grabbed my hand and led me to the French doors leading to the isle outside that I would walk down tomorrow. I heard Val yell from outside as my cue to start walking. My dad grabbed my arm as I walked along side of him in sweat pants and bare feet, nearly tripping twice. If I could barely walk with bare feet, just imagine what could happen in heels and a long dress..I though to myself.

After rehearsal was finally over Val and I took a walk out to the pond about a half a mile through his open yard. I locked my fingers in his tightly and swung our arms back and forth as we walked.

"This is unreal." I whispered as we both sat down in the cold grass next to the glistening pond.

"I know, I can't believe that the wedding is tomorrow. Seems like we just met each other the other day. But then again, it feels like I've known you my whole life." he shook his head.

I looked over at him as he skipped a rock across the still water. "So tell me something." he held my hand in his again. I nodded and set my head on his shoulder, listening to his heart pound, "Hmm?"

"Are you happy, I mean..is this what you really want. I-"

I set my index finger on his big soft lips, "Val...Of course I want this, more then anything I want this. I've wanted this since I was a little girl, I wrote about a guy like you in my diary everyday before I went to bed at night. I guess I was just hoping that maybe, by some stroke of fate, I would find you someday. I don't know what I'd do without you."

I sat back and looked up at the stars shining so brightly in the black night. Val loomed over me with his big, cheesy grin. The one that made my heart skip a beat every time I saw it, ever since the first day we met. "So you found him, what now?" he leaned down to kiss me.

"Well, obviously we get married." I laughed.

"Check." Val smirked.

"And we've got a family on the way.." I pondered.

"Check." he ran his hand across my stomach lightly.



"Well it looks like we've got it all then." I leaned up and kissed him.

"So tomorrow, you'll be Mrs. Morgan Filppula, and I'll be the happiest man alive."

I laughed and pushed him off of me, "Yeah, that's true." I shivered from the cold wind. He wrapped his muscular arms around me again, "We better get inside, it's getting chilly out here."

I shot up from the ground quickly, "Bet you can't beat me." I took off running to the house full speed, "Last one in feeds the dogs for the night!" "Hey!" I could hear him about twenty feet behind me, gaining speed. I reached the door first, then Val came about ten seconds later.

I twisted the handle, but the door wouldn't budge, "Uh oh" I laughed, out of breath.

"What?" he twisted the door handle himself. "Well I think we've been locked out." he stated the obvious.

I crossed my arms across my chest, "Ya think?"

"Stay here, I'll go check the other doors." I sat on the railing of the porch as I was waiting, humming to myself. Val came running around the corner about five minutes later, shrugging his shoulders, "No luck."

"Hmph.." I looked at the huge, white house, raising my eyebrows. "Follow me." I grabbed his warm hand and pulled him behind me to the railing at the end of the porch. He pushed me up onto the steep roofing that led to the window of his bedroom. I watched as he climbed through first, then pulled me into his arms, hugging me tightly.

"So..I'm marrying a burglar?" he laughed as he wrapped me up in a big fleece blanket from his bed. "Haha..The four of us would be frozen if I hadn't broken into your house. Just be thankful that I wasn't aloud to go out much as a teenager."

I covered myself with more blankets as I sat in bed and pulled Val closer to me. I was still breathing hard from the climb up the roof. "You okay hun?" Val pushed my bangs away from my face.

"Fine, just got a little carried away I guess. I can't wait to tell the guys that you lost a race to a pregnant women." I laughed and tried to push the pain out of my head.

"Not funny..Are you sure you're okay? Want me to get anything for you while I'm up?" he stood up and lifted his white shirt over his head. "Uhh..yeah there's some lotion in the bathroom that I need to rub on my stomach."

I watched Val's perfectly toned body walk into the bathroom, "What color bottle is it in?" he asked. "I think it's blue and white." I heard things fall on the floor and cupboards open and close loudly, "Found it!" he raced back into the room and jumped onto the bed next to me.

I lifted my shirt up past the round bump on my stomach, holding my hand out for the lotion. "Here I got it, if you don't mind." he rubbed his hands together. "No go ahead." I yawned.

The cool lotion felt good on my, now warm stomach. I drifted off slowly, after Val kissed my forehead, "Sweet dreams hunaja." I heard him from a distance as my dreaming began about what was to come tomorrow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 44

The next three weeks we were really busy planning everything out for the wedding, but for the most part everything was taken care of. We even set the date for when Val had the Stanley Cup, just to make the day even more special.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket while Val and I were out cake testing. I opened it quickly, "Hello?" I answered, not looking at the collar ID first.

"Hi hun! How's everything going over there?" My Dad's voice rang into my ear.

"It's going." I laughed as Val wiped frosting on my nose. "How have you been? Everything's fine I hope."

"Yeah, everything is good. The cup is going to be here soon so I was just wondering if you were still coming or not."

"Of course! I'll get on the plane first thing in the morning."

"Alright hun, take care. Can't wait to see you." he hung up the phone.

I finally wiped the frosting off of my nose, then smeared it on Val's cheek.

"Hey!" he grabbed me by the waste and pinned me against him, "I'll get you back for that." he kissed me gently.

"We'll see about that." I smiled.

"So who was that on the phone?" he grabbed my hand as we walked out of the cake shop after making our choice.

"My Dad. I have to go to the party tomorrow, he has the cup."

"Well I'm coming too then."

"Val, I'll be fine. Just enjoy it here while it lasts."

"No, I want to go. All the guys are going to be there, I miss not seeing them everyday ya know?"

"Ok, but we have to leave right in the morning."

Later on that night Val and I packed our suitcases lightly since we would only be staying two nights in Canada at the most. We needed to head back to Finland as soon as possible to get things ready for the wedding.

We boarded the plane in the morning as planned, Val switched seats with me, letting me have the window seat. He pointed out buildings below as we flew over Finland. I quickly fell asleep leaning on his shoulder, but woke up when he put his hands on my stomach.

"Sorry." he moved his hands back to his lap. I grabbed them and put them back on my stomach, falling asleep for the rest of the trip.

Val shook me lightly just before we landed, he knew that I loved watching the touchdown. We walked into the airport and got our bags off of the track, then found my Dad outside waiting in the car.

When we arrived at the Draper family house Val and I dropped our bags off in my old room, then joined the party in the back yard. Pretty much all the guys were there except Dom, Huds, and Kopy.

It only took about a half an hour of mingling before my Dad announced to everyone that Val and I were having a baby. Of course I had told him that he could, but it was a little embarrassing. After that I was getting tired of hearing things like, "Oh, you're showing already!" and "Those kids are sure going to be spoiled." The party ended pretty late, making me relieved when it finally did.

The next day My Dad was taking the cup to the children's hospital, so Ronnie and I went along too. I met some extraordinary kids, taking pictures with all of them. I held a little girl named Katelyn as we watched my Dad and a little boy play air hockey. My Dad let him win, which made the kid's smile a mile long. Katelyn had become attached to me, even letting me color in her favorite coloring book. Before we left I gave her my home address and email address so she could write me.

After we left the hospital we went back to the house. I found Val outside playing with the dog by the pond, "Hey hun, we're back." I yelled from the porch.

He got up quickly, running towards me and picking me up, kissing me. "How was it?" he asked, still holding me.

"It was awesome."

"Good, so you want to go for a walk?" he finally set me down.

"Sure." I grabbed his hand as we enjoyed the rest of our time in Canada.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 43

I was sitting in the kitchen at the snack bar with Val's Mom drinking coffee when I heard a knock on the door. Val beat me to it, flinging open the door, "Hey guys! Long time no see." Val leaned against the door, blocking my view just to tease me.

I finally managed to get around him, "I missed you guys!" I hugged them all.

"Nice house ya got here Filppula." Aaron looked around with his mouth wide open.

"Yeah, this is amazing." Lacey joined in.

Liisa walked in the hall, "Oh, come in everyone! I made a fresh batch of cookies!"

"Cookies!" Aaron dashed for the kitchen, Val not too far behind him.

Lacey introduced herself first, "Hi, I'm Lacey, this is Madison. And the crazy guy that just ran into your kitchen is Aaron." she laughed.

We all headed into the kitchen, joining Aaron and Val as they shoved cookies into their mouths. We talked for a while, but Liisa, Madison, Lacey, Aaron, and I had to leave to get an early start on dress shopping.

The first five stores we went to didn't have anything that I liked at all. Everything was either had way too many beads and ruffles or not enough. Even though Aaron was a lot of help picking out dresses, he picked out the ugliest ones.

"Uhm, Aar? How about I pick out the dresses and you just tell me if they look good or not Ok?" I took the dresses from his hands and put them back on the hangers.

"Yeah, that'll work." he poked my stomach like usual.

I laughed loudly as we walked out of the seventh store and into the eighth. Val called just as I was putting a dress on in the changing room.

"Hey hun, how are you?" I could tell he had that cheesy grin on his face.

"I'm fine. Just trying on the thousandth dress of the day." I sighed.

"I'm sure you'll find it hun. I'll let you go then, just checking up on you. Love you."

"Love you." I hung up the phone and looked into the mirror.

"Oh my God! I love this one." I peaked my head out of the changing room and into the room where everyone was waiting.

"Something wrong dear?" Liisa offered.

I stepped out of the room, revealing the long, white, flowing dress with just enough beads on it. Lacey and Madison both gasped, jumping up and down pointing.

"So, what do you think?" I turned, looking at myself in the mirrors.

"That's the one, you look stunning." Liisa stood behind me.

"Whatda think Aar?" I looked at him in the mirror.

He stood up, grabbing my hands, "You look beautiful. You look like one of those brides on top of a cake." he examined me further.

"Aww, thanks Aar." a tear fell down my cheek.

We left after telling the tailor that I would need it fitted just a couple of days before the wedding. I made Lacey pay for it with my Dad's credit card because I couldn't do it. I was never a big fan of spending that much money, especially if it was someone else's.

When we all arrived back at the house Val was talking on the phone in our room. I snuck up behind him, running my hands up his sides making him jump. He turned around quickly, pulling me close to him. I kissed his neck, making him moan.

"Pav, I gotta go." he threw the phone on the bed behind him.

"So, did you find it?" he said between kisses.

"Mmhm." I rubbed the back of his neck.

"Good, I called everyone. And set everything up, the tuxes are being sent here." he fell back on the bed, pulling me with him. Aaron walked in without knocking, "Woah, sorry." he turned on his heel.

"What do you need Aar?" I got off of the bed.

"Val's brother's here with the baby." he announced.

We walked into the living room hand in hand, Val gave Ilari and his wife and hug, "Can I?" he reached for the little baby girl.

"Of course. Her name's Kari." Ilari told him.

"Hi Kari. I'm you're Uncle Val. And this is your Aunty Morgan." he held Kari tightly, kissing her on the forehead. He looked so perfect holding her, like it was meant to be. His face was glowing, I could tell that he was truly ready to have his own.

All of us just sat in the living room until around twelve at night talking and eating snacks. Aaron must have eaten his weights worth in chips. I sat next to Val and snuggled up to him as he still held Kari.

After Ilari and his family left everyone went to bed. I laid in bed trying not to fall asleep while waiting for Val to get out of the shower. He walked out with a pair of boxers on and laid down next to me.

"So what do you think about Teemu?" Val asked suddenly.


"No, well yeah. But I mean as a name." he laughed.

"You want to name one of our kids after Teemu Selanne?"

"Only if you like the name."

"We'll see Val. We have plenty of time, we don't even know the sex yet."

"Ok, I love you hun." he kissed my forehead, wrapping his arms around my body.

"Love you too."

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 42

As Val drove me to the hospital for my check up I noticed that he was extremely nervous. His forehead had beads of sweat on it and he always did this thing with his lips where he stuck the bottom one out a little. I set my hand on his thigh, "Why are you so nervous hun?"

"Nervous? I'm not nervous, what are you talking about?" he laughed it off.

"Val, come on. It's a little obvious."

"Ok, I just want everything to be alright with the baby. I don't want anything to go wrong."

I smiled at him as we pulled into the parking lot, he held my hand on the way in tightly. We took our seats in the waiting room until a lady came through a door with a clip board, "Draper?" she looked around the room.

"That's me" I got up, pulling Val with me.

Since we had been waiting there Val had filled a plastic cup up seven times with water and gulped it down nervously. We walked down a long hallway before we came to a small room, "Right this way Mrs. Draper." she opened the door for the both of us.

I took a seat up on the chair while Val sat next to me in another chair. He played with a model of a stomach until the doctor came in. Then he stood up quickly introducing himself and shaking hands.

"Alright, lets get this over with. I can see that you're a little nervous. First time?" he questioned Val.

"Yeah" he laughed a little, sounding uncomfortable.

He grabbed my hand and kissed it while he watch the doctor prepare.

"So, we're just going to put some of this on here" he squirted the jelly all over my stomach. While pressing the wand to my stomach and rubbing it against the jelly he examined the monitor.

"Hmm, this is interesting" he moved the wand around some more.

"What? What is it, is something wrong!?" Val panicked.

"No, no. Not at all. Actually you're having twins!"

My jaw dropped as I turned to face Val, his face was lit up like a Christmas tree, "You Ok honey?" I asked him.

He leaned over and kissed me, "We're having twins! This is unbelievable. I can't wait to tell my parents. I love you hunaja." he kissed me again.

The doctor cleaned off my stomach and he wrote some things down on his clip board, "Shall I schedule another appointment then?"

"Well, actually we aren't going to be here. I'm going to have to find a doctor in Finland. That's where we're going for the summer." I explained to him.

"Oh, well if you need anything I'm just a phone call away." he shook both of our hands. The nurse gave us a picture of the ultrasound before we left. You couldn't really tell what anything was but it was certainly interesting to look at.

When we got home Val called his Mom to tell her that we were coming for the summer. I began scheduling flights and packing everything up. While I was doing that I was on the phone with Aaron who was asking me a million questions about doing laundry.

"Aaron, just press the 'normal load' button and you're all set. It's not that hard." by now he had called me tons of times, and I knew he was just making things up so he could talk to me. He was one of the best friends you could ask for.

The six days of packing things here and there had gone by fast, but we were finally in Finland, a place that was beautiful, but brought back a flood of bad memories. I wanted to start everything out fresh though, forget the past and move on. After all this would be my home in the summer and probably after Val retired from the NHL, which was a long time from now.

Val and I walked into his parents home, holding Grizz by his collar so he wouldn't jump on anyone. Practically his whole family was there, they all rang out some words in Finnish that were incomprehensible to me.

"Hello again!" Val's Mom hugged me tight.

"It's so nice to see you again Mrs. Filppula." I smiled.

"Oh don't be silly dear, call me Liisa! Oh heck you can call me Koi if you would like."

"Koi?" I had no idea what she was talking about.

Val leaned down and whispered in my ear, "It means Mom" he laughed.

"Oh, sorry" I answered back.

"It's Ok darling, I'll remember not to use Finnish that much. So Val tells me that you are going to go dress shopping here?"

"Yeah, I'm going to fly in a couple of friends. And I was hoping that you could help me too if you want?"

I knew that family meant everything to Val so I tried to include them as much as I could in the wedding. They kept insisting to pay for it but my Dad already had already insisted on doing so.

Val and I unpacked our things in the same room we had stayed in the summer before, then got cleaned up for dinner. I laid on the bed looking at a magazine while I waited for him to come out of the bathroom.

He came out with a shirt half buttoned and a black tie in his hand, "Help?" he grinned.

I climbed out of the bed and buttoned his shirt up slowly, running my hands along his hard chest as I did so. "So, I was thinking of telling them tonight. What do you think?" he asked.

"It's fine with me. Do you think they'll be happy about it?"

"I know my Mom will be. I'm not sure what my Dad will think." he kissed my forehead.

"Well, there's only one way to find out."

We sat down at the long dinner table that stretched along the whole length of the dinning room. Everyone was dressed up, which they apparently did for every dinner. Val hurried up and finished his dinner before everyone else, then stood up.

"I have some news for everyone" he announced, grabbing my hand and pulling me over to him.

Everyone set their forks down and stared at us intently, "Well go on poika" his Dad urged him.

"Well, Morgan is pregnant with twins." he said proudly, holding onto me tighter.

His Mom rushed over to us, showering us with kisses proudly. His Dad just sat there staring, then said something in Finnish that I couldn't understand. I looked at Val, "What did he say?"

"He'll be fine" he smiled trying to convince me.

Val and his Dad went outside to talk, leaving Liisa or 'Koi' and I alone. We sat in the living room talking, then she pulled the old baby albums out on me. Val was absolutely adorable, lighter blond hair than he had now, but his eyes didn't change one bit. I could only hope that our kids would have his good looks.

"If you don't mind I think I'm going to go to bed. I'm exhausted." I told her.

"Good night darling. Get some rest, I'll see you in the morning." she kissed both of my cheeks as I went to our room.

I took off my dress and pulled one of Val's T shirts out of the drawer, slipping it over my head just as he walked in. He took of his shirt and threw it in the dirty clothes bin, doing the same with his pants.

"You're sexy" I ran my fingers threw his hair.

"You have no idea how amazing you look in that. I never thought that a girl would ever wear this." he kissed me roughly. "You really like that shirt huh?" he laughed. I was wearing his white Teemu Selanne shirt from the 1990's. It was all full of holes, but it was the comfiest thing.

"Mmhm" I slid under the covers and patted the bed next to me for him to come join me.

"So, I talked to my Dad about everything." he said as he played with my fingers.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, he didn't like the idea at first. But he's just going to have to get used to it."

"Well aren't you tough" I laughed.

"Yup, so when are you going dress shopping? I'm thinking that I'll go get fitted for a tux that day and call everyone to get their sizes."

"In two days, I'm flying Lacey, Madison, and Aaron over."

"Aaron? He's going to give you his opinion on a dress? I'd like to see that." he laughed.

I smacked his arm playfully, "Just because he's a hard head doesn't mean that he doesn't have a heart."

Val and I continued talking about the small details for the wedding, and I listened as he told me stories from his childhood and how much he missed this house. It was kind of nice just sitting there, listening to his voice all night.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 41

It had been a couple of days after we'd won the cup and today the guys had to clean out their lockers. Val and I drove down to the rink, I hated saying bye to people. The team was like my family, and I wouldn't see most of them until training camp.

I didn't have very much stuff to bring back home, but Val had all of his sticks and equipment. We managed to jam it all into the car, then walked back into the Joe to say good bye to everyone.

"I'll miss ya Pav!" I hugged him tightly.

"No, I miss you. When I have cup, you and Val come to Russia to visit. It be fun time!"

I laughed, but hugged him again, "Alright, we'll have to do that."

Aaron came up from behind me, "You have no clue how much I'm going to miss you! I mean you're probably going to be in Finland right? That sucks, make sure to visit your Dad in Canada though eh?"

"Of course Aar, I'll call you when something exciting happens."

"Alright, take care of yourself Morgan." We hugged, then turned our separate ways.

Val grabbed my wrist and pulled me out into the hallway, "So, since everyone is here..You think we should tell them? I can't keep it from Pav, I tell him everything!"

"Everything?!" I raised my eyebrow.

"Well I need someone to talk to about stuff. We're best friends." he shrugged.

"Ok, well what about my Dad? I kinda wanted to tell him in person, like alone."

He stuck out his bottom lip, "Please, I love you!" he pulled me closer.

"Fine, but only Pav. I need to tell my Dad alone. So maybe he can come over for dinner tonight or something."

"Yes!" he ran back into the locker room to get Pav. Not too long after that they were both out in the hallway. Val quickly told him, leaving a shocked expression on Pav's face.

"Val be Dad? I like see that!" he joked.

"Pav, you can't tell anyone ok?" I informed him.

"Yes, I know. Val tell me dis." he said as we headed back into the locker room.

Later on Val and I sat in the kitchen cooking dinner together for when my Dad came over. Val couldn't stop tapping his fingers on the counter or bouncing his leg up and down as he sat on the stool. I placed one hand on his thigh and the other on this hand, "Val, settle down. Something bothering you?" I asked the obvious.

"Just nervous. What do you think your Dad will think?" he said, stirring the noodles.

"It'll be fine. We're getting married, its not like I just met you." I pushed back the long hair that was hanging in his face, "You need a hair cut."

"Yeah, I know. So what are we doing this summer?" he changed the subject.

"What do you mean?"

"You want to try the whole Finland thing again, or-"

"Val, I'll go where ever you're going. And Finland was beautiful, of course I'd go with you again." I pecked his soft lips.

The same old cheesy grin came over his face, it never got old though. I loved how one side of his mouth would be wider than the other as his bright white teeth showed, "God I love you." he ran his hands up my sides.

We kissed passionately until the doorbell rang, "It's me!" my Dad entered.

Val set the table as I chatted with my Dad for a bit, as we ate we made small conversation about the most random things. Val cleared his throat, looking at me then my Dad.

"Uhm, Dad. Val and I have something to tell you." I set my fork down.


"I'm pregnant." I said quickly.

He stood up suddenly, pulling me up with him, "Congratulations you two! I can't believe I'm going to be a Grampa!" he shook his head, then patted Val on the back.

"Really? You're happy?" I was stunned.

"Of course I'm happy! Now tell me, how many weeks?" he looked down at my stomach, not able to tell.

"Close to 11 now. I have an appointment tomorrow actually."

My Dad left about an hour later, Val and I sat on the floor and leaned against the couch in front of the fire place talking. "You want me to come to the doctors with you tomorrow?"

I nodded, kissing him lightly. I flipped through some wedding magazines, circling things here and there. I decided that I would get my dress in Finland, and have it fitted only a couple of days before the wedding since I would be getting bigger.

"You know what I want?" I laid my head on his shoulder.

"What's that?" he kissed my forehead.

"For the whole team to come, and all of them can wear their jerseys over their tuxes, I want the cup to be their too, and everything can be red and white." I envisioned it in my mind.

"Sounds great." he smiled, "So where is this going to be?"

"In your back yard"

"In Finland!" he got excited. "This is going to be great, have I told you how much I love you?"

"Only five times in the last half an hour" I laughed.

We sat their planning out our wedding, and actually got quite a bit done. We decided that we would leave for Finland next week, then fly to Canada when my Dad has his party for the cup.

We sat in silence, staring into the dancing flames making shadows on the floor in front of us. I found it hypnotising and quickly fell asleep leaning against Val, as he rubbed my back gently.