Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 47

I grasped my dad's arm tightly, waiting for the doors to open back up. My dad looked over and smiled, "This is it kiddo, don't trip." he teased.

I knew his intention was to make me laugh, but I really was worried about tripping. I let my mind wander as I stood there, still waiting for the men in black and white to open the doors. I held my bouquet of red and white flowers tightly, then nodded to the men. They swung the doors open, letting the beams of light shine on my face.

[Val's POV]

Cameras started flashing left and right. I was blinded, not from all of the flashes, but from her. She was absolutely amazing, her face was glowing, her teeth the brightest of white. We were looking right into each others eyes, and she was the only person in the world. She was the only person that I could see or wanted to see.

As they finally reached the end of the isle she stopped and turned to her dad. He kissed her forehead and handed her over to me. "Take good care of her, son." he patted my back and I smiled back at him.

I took her hands in mine, smiling uncontrollably. "Hey" she whispered, "I missed you."

"I missed you too." I gave her hands a reassuring squeeze.

The priest began but we still didn't take our eyes off of one another. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony." We lit our separate candles, then the big one in the middle that represented our lives combined.

Ilari handed me the rings and I held her left hand in mine, holding the ring with my other. I then repeated after the priest, "With this ring I thee wed: In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Amen." I slid the ring onto her hand and smiled.

I watched as Morgan did the same, "I almost dropped it." she laughed. I laughed quietly until the priest began again. He turned us away from him so we were looking at everyone. "I now pronounce you, man and wife."

We walked down the isle hand in hand as quickly as possible. When we finally made it through the house and into the limo parked in front of the house we were laughing and crying all at the same time.

"I love you so much." She told me as she leaned in and kissed me passionately.

"I love you, Mrs. Filppula." I kissed her back.

She giggled, then rested her forehead on mine, "You look very hansom in your tuxedo, Mr. Filppula." She played along. We stopped all of a sudden, then got out to take our wedding pictures in a small park. It was a park that we had been to together dozens of times while being in Finland.

After all of our pictures were taken we climbed back into the limo and went back to the house for the reception. We both stopped on the porch, in front of the door, "I promise I won't drink more then a couple glasses Hun." And it was true, I didn't want to drink too much and not be able to remember the night. Plus, I felt kinda bad that she couldn't drink at all.

As we pushed the door open everyone screamed and yelled. The one that really stood out was Brett. "Eyyy Val!! Wooohooo, my married man!!!" he was the loudest man I had ever heard in my life.

[My POV]

We took our seats at the main table, Lacey and Madison to my right, Val, Ilari, and Pavel to my left and the Stanley Cup right in front of the table. The waiters began serving the food, and it was a good thing because I was starving. We had a Finnish dish that Val's mother had the chef make.

"Do you like it?" Val turned to me.

"I love it, but I think I'd eat anything right about now." I laughed.

After everyone finished with dinner the cake was rolled out. Val and I got up to cut it, I of course smeared it on his face. He looked at me with a hand full of cake and shook his head, "I don't want to cover that pretty face." he licked the frosting off of his lips.

Clanking of the forks on the glasses began all around us. Val raised his big bushy eyebrows waiting for me to kiss him. Leaned in and pecked his cake covered mouth, "That's some good cake." I winked.

My dad pulled me aside for the father daughter dance, and Val danced with his mom. As we swayed back and forth I laid my head on his shoulder. "I love you Daddy, and thank you so much for the necklace."

"I love you too kiddo, and don't mention it."

The music stopped and I heard a familiar song come over the speakers. I felt a light tapping on my shoulder and turned around to see his cheesy grin. "My I have this dance?" he asked.

I giggled and took his hand, "Of course." We spun around the floor, staring into each other's eyes. It seemed like time itself had stopped, if it had that would be okay. This is where I wanted to spend the rest of my life, safe, in his arms forever. Nothing could harm me, everything just felt perfect. And that's all I could and would ever ask for. He was mine and I was his forever and ever.


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AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it MP! That was so awesome! You almost had me in tears!

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awh, adorable!
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Woo wee! I don't think I can stop from crying. Good Lord.

I don't think I am crying cause of the chapter itself, but cause I know that the story is coming to an end. It's crazy to think we have been writing these things for over a year now!

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