Friday, July 10, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 46

I woke up in the morning to my Dad slowly creaking the door open and peeking his head into the room. "Sorry hun, I didn't mean to wake you. Just checking up." he smiled.

"Morning Daddy" I waved and smiled as I watched him walk back into the hallway.

I hadn't realized just how late it was, I looked out the window and saw Rainer, Ronnie, and Aaron setting up the chairs outside. The alter was already fixed up, strung with thousands of white and red flowers. "Beautiful" I whispered to myself.

I sat up in bed, stretching, running my hand along where I wished Val could be laying next to me. On the pillow there was a little white piece of paper with a red ribbon tied to it..typical Val.. I pulled the ribbon off and laid it beside me on the bed.

I'm sorry I couldn't stay with you this morning.
I love watching you wake up.
My mom likes tradition so I guess I can't see you
until the wedding. Anyway, I can't wait to see you
walking down the isle, but even more, I can't wait to
have you in my life forever.

I felt a tear run down my cheek as I tucked the little white note into my purse. Soon after Lacey rushed in, followed by Madison and Val's mom. I quickly wiped my face with the back of my hand and put on a smile. "Good morning, are you excited?" Liisa asked in a thick accent.

"Yeah, just tired." I sighed.

Before I knew it Lacey had my makeup complete, it was gorgeous. Everything I expected and more. I sat and examined myself, my freckles on the bridge of my nose were gone, everything blending in as the same tone. The scar on the top of my lip just barely showed through, and I didn't mind. I've had that scar since I was three years old, it had become a part of me.

Liisa insisted that I eat some watermelon for brunch to hold me until the reception. So I followed her orders and ate four pieces. Need I remind you that I'm eating for three. After I was done munching, Liisa started on my hair. She pulled it back out of my face, into a pony and curled it. She let it fall to the side, landing just above my collar bone, then clipped the white vail in place. Simple, yet stunning.

Once that was done I stepped into my dress and held my breath as Madison and Lacey began lacing up the back, tugging in different directions.

"Does it fit?" I whispered, afraid to let my breath out.

"Open your eyes darling." Liisa whispered back.

I let my eyes open and looked at myself in the mirror. The dress fit like a glove, and I was amazed, thinking that for sure something would go wrong with it. My dad knocked on the door, and cleared his throat, signaling everyone else to leave.

I gave him a tight hug, "So what do you think?" I smiled.

"You look absolutely amazing, you have no idea how much you look like your mother right now." he looked over my face. I watched a tear roll down his pain felt face, and I could feel for the first time the pain that he went through everytime he looked at me and saw my mother.

"Well I actually came in here to give you this." he handed me a black velvet box with my mom's initials on the cover. I knew exactly what it was, but for some reason I was hoping that it wasn't what I thought it was. Sure enough I opened the box and found my mother's pearl necklace that my dad had given her many years ago. I had been hoping that he would keep it, he needed a piece of her more then I did.

I held it in my hands, feeling a chill run up my spine, then held it out for my dad to clasp it around my neck. It went perfectly with the dress, accenting every part that needed it.

"Thank you so much Dad." was all I could say. He pulled me into another tight hug, then left the room with more tears forming in his eyes.

"You made your Dad cry too?" I heard a manly voice come from the doorway.

"Aaron!" I jumped into his arms. "What do you mean?" I asked as he set me back down on the floor. He walked over to the window sill and stood there, just looking out into the yard.

"Val was in tears earlier, trying to write some note for you, by the way I helped him with that. You wouldn't have been able to read it if he did it himself." he clarified proudly.

"Oh." I stated simply. "Well thanks then."

"Well I just stopped by to say hello, and good luck. You look beautiful by the way." he winked as he left. I shook my head and laughed, same old Aaron.

Again I was left alone in my room, just waiting for it to be 3:00 O'clock. I continued watching everyone working outside again, Pav, Aaron, and Meechers were trying to move the organ closer to the alter. By the looks of it things weren't working out too well.

Derek saw me watching and waved, jogging into the house. Soon after he knocked on my door. "Hey, wow you do look beautiful." he smiled widely. I felt my cheeks turn red, "Thanks..So I see you gave up on moving the organ." I laughed.

"Oh, yeah. Uhm..well I just wanted to come in here to congratulate you, I never did get the chance, I kinda feel like a jerk. I really couldn't be more happy for you." he looked at the ground.

"So why did you feel like a jerk?" I was confused.

"Well, this isn't easy for me to say, so just bare with me here. I'm sorta, kinda..well I'm jealous. God that felt good to get off my chest. I know I shouldn't be, because you and Val are so perfect together. You belong together, it just took some time to get used to the idea." he sighed in relief.

"Well I'm glad you told me Derek. If you don't feel awkward or anything I'd really like to be friends, if that's not too cliche for you." I smirked.

"Uh, yeah. Friends, friends will be great." he stuck out his hand for me to shake but I pulled him into a hug. "Friends hug. Plus I'm getting married, so I deserve a hug."

I watched him walk out of the room just as I had watched many people go in and out of the room today. I sighed and sat back down on the bed just as Liisa came to get me. Wow, 3:00 already? I thought.

She pulled me down the hallway, stopping behind Lacey and Ilari. They both waved, Ilari whispering, "Last chance kiddo, I still don't understand why you're marrying my dorky brother!" I cracked up laughing right before the organist started the music.

Madison and Pavel disappeared through he doors first, then Lacey and Ilari. I realized it was my turn as my dad took my arm in his. I waited behind the doors as the music gradually slowed, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.


Tay Tay said...


It's so freaking perfect! I could visualize everything in my head without even trying. Great great GREAT chapter! You have to update soon!

Da Da Da Dum (That's wedding music, in case you didn't know)

Words can't explain my excitement!


♥Morgan said...

Aww Thanks! And I had tons of fun writing this chapter. Hopefully tonight I can work on the next part! And I tried to drag it out for more parts, I just can't seem to let this story go!! lol =]

Krystie said...

Thats all I have to say.

sportychic51 said...

oh my gosh! i love your blog. i cant get enough. i spent the last three days reading it on my phone. so please hurry up and update the story.