Friday, February 13, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 43

I was sitting in the kitchen at the snack bar with Val's Mom drinking coffee when I heard a knock on the door. Val beat me to it, flinging open the door, "Hey guys! Long time no see." Val leaned against the door, blocking my view just to tease me.

I finally managed to get around him, "I missed you guys!" I hugged them all.

"Nice house ya got here Filppula." Aaron looked around with his mouth wide open.

"Yeah, this is amazing." Lacey joined in.

Liisa walked in the hall, "Oh, come in everyone! I made a fresh batch of cookies!"

"Cookies!" Aaron dashed for the kitchen, Val not too far behind him.

Lacey introduced herself first, "Hi, I'm Lacey, this is Madison. And the crazy guy that just ran into your kitchen is Aaron." she laughed.

We all headed into the kitchen, joining Aaron and Val as they shoved cookies into their mouths. We talked for a while, but Liisa, Madison, Lacey, Aaron, and I had to leave to get an early start on dress shopping.

The first five stores we went to didn't have anything that I liked at all. Everything was either had way too many beads and ruffles or not enough. Even though Aaron was a lot of help picking out dresses, he picked out the ugliest ones.

"Uhm, Aar? How about I pick out the dresses and you just tell me if they look good or not Ok?" I took the dresses from his hands and put them back on the hangers.

"Yeah, that'll work." he poked my stomach like usual.

I laughed loudly as we walked out of the seventh store and into the eighth. Val called just as I was putting a dress on in the changing room.

"Hey hun, how are you?" I could tell he had that cheesy grin on his face.

"I'm fine. Just trying on the thousandth dress of the day." I sighed.

"I'm sure you'll find it hun. I'll let you go then, just checking up on you. Love you."

"Love you." I hung up the phone and looked into the mirror.

"Oh my God! I love this one." I peaked my head out of the changing room and into the room where everyone was waiting.

"Something wrong dear?" Liisa offered.

I stepped out of the room, revealing the long, white, flowing dress with just enough beads on it. Lacey and Madison both gasped, jumping up and down pointing.

"So, what do you think?" I turned, looking at myself in the mirrors.

"That's the one, you look stunning." Liisa stood behind me.

"Whatda think Aar?" I looked at him in the mirror.

He stood up, grabbing my hands, "You look beautiful. You look like one of those brides on top of a cake." he examined me further.

"Aww, thanks Aar." a tear fell down my cheek.

We left after telling the tailor that I would need it fitted just a couple of days before the wedding. I made Lacey pay for it with my Dad's credit card because I couldn't do it. I was never a big fan of spending that much money, especially if it was someone else's.

When we all arrived back at the house Val was talking on the phone in our room. I snuck up behind him, running my hands up his sides making him jump. He turned around quickly, pulling me close to him. I kissed his neck, making him moan.

"Pav, I gotta go." he threw the phone on the bed behind him.

"So, did you find it?" he said between kisses.

"Mmhm." I rubbed the back of his neck.

"Good, I called everyone. And set everything up, the tuxes are being sent here." he fell back on the bed, pulling me with him. Aaron walked in without knocking, "Woah, sorry." he turned on his heel.

"What do you need Aar?" I got off of the bed.

"Val's brother's here with the baby." he announced.

We walked into the living room hand in hand, Val gave Ilari and his wife and hug, "Can I?" he reached for the little baby girl.

"Of course. Her name's Kari." Ilari told him.

"Hi Kari. I'm you're Uncle Val. And this is your Aunty Morgan." he held Kari tightly, kissing her on the forehead. He looked so perfect holding her, like it was meant to be. His face was glowing, I could tell that he was truly ready to have his own.

All of us just sat in the living room until around twelve at night talking and eating snacks. Aaron must have eaten his weights worth in chips. I sat next to Val and snuggled up to him as he still held Kari.

After Ilari and his family left everyone went to bed. I laid in bed trying not to fall asleep while waiting for Val to get out of the shower. He walked out with a pair of boxers on and laid down next to me.

"So what do you think about Teemu?" Val asked suddenly.


"No, well yeah. But I mean as a name." he laughed.

"You want to name one of our kids after Teemu Selanne?"

"Only if you like the name."

"We'll see Val. We have plenty of time, we don't even know the sex yet."

"Ok, I love you hun." he kissed my forehead, wrapping his arms around my body.

"Love you too."


Kayla Elizabeth said...

I suppose that name could be cute lol. I dont know any Finnish baby names! :)

pensSUCK51 said...

Omg you HAVE to write more! i started reading these last night and stayed up until 3 because they were just so good!! i finished this morning and i totally wish there were more! great job!!

♥Morgan said...

Aww Thanks! I really appreciate it! =]