Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finnish Wonder Part 41

It had been a couple of days after we'd won the cup and today the guys had to clean out their lockers. Val and I drove down to the rink, I hated saying bye to people. The team was like my family, and I wouldn't see most of them until training camp.

I didn't have very much stuff to bring back home, but Val had all of his sticks and equipment. We managed to jam it all into the car, then walked back into the Joe to say good bye to everyone.

"I'll miss ya Pav!" I hugged him tightly.

"No, I miss you. When I have cup, you and Val come to Russia to visit. It be fun time!"

I laughed, but hugged him again, "Alright, we'll have to do that."

Aaron came up from behind me, "You have no clue how much I'm going to miss you! I mean you're probably going to be in Finland right? That sucks, make sure to visit your Dad in Canada though eh?"

"Of course Aar, I'll call you when something exciting happens."

"Alright, take care of yourself Morgan." We hugged, then turned our separate ways.

Val grabbed my wrist and pulled me out into the hallway, "So, since everyone is here..You think we should tell them? I can't keep it from Pav, I tell him everything!"

"Everything?!" I raised my eyebrow.

"Well I need someone to talk to about stuff. We're best friends." he shrugged.

"Ok, well what about my Dad? I kinda wanted to tell him in person, like alone."

He stuck out his bottom lip, "Please, I love you!" he pulled me closer.

"Fine, but only Pav. I need to tell my Dad alone. So maybe he can come over for dinner tonight or something."

"Yes!" he ran back into the locker room to get Pav. Not too long after that they were both out in the hallway. Val quickly told him, leaving a shocked expression on Pav's face.

"Val be Dad? I like see that!" he joked.

"Pav, you can't tell anyone ok?" I informed him.

"Yes, I know. Val tell me dis." he said as we headed back into the locker room.

Later on Val and I sat in the kitchen cooking dinner together for when my Dad came over. Val couldn't stop tapping his fingers on the counter or bouncing his leg up and down as he sat on the stool. I placed one hand on his thigh and the other on this hand, "Val, settle down. Something bothering you?" I asked the obvious.

"Just nervous. What do you think your Dad will think?" he said, stirring the noodles.

"It'll be fine. We're getting married, its not like I just met you." I pushed back the long hair that was hanging in his face, "You need a hair cut."

"Yeah, I know. So what are we doing this summer?" he changed the subject.

"What do you mean?"

"You want to try the whole Finland thing again, or-"

"Val, I'll go where ever you're going. And Finland was beautiful, of course I'd go with you again." I pecked his soft lips.

The same old cheesy grin came over his face, it never got old though. I loved how one side of his mouth would be wider than the other as his bright white teeth showed, "God I love you." he ran his hands up my sides.

We kissed passionately until the doorbell rang, "It's me!" my Dad entered.

Val set the table as I chatted with my Dad for a bit, as we ate we made small conversation about the most random things. Val cleared his throat, looking at me then my Dad.

"Uhm, Dad. Val and I have something to tell you." I set my fork down.


"I'm pregnant." I said quickly.

He stood up suddenly, pulling me up with him, "Congratulations you two! I can't believe I'm going to be a Grampa!" he shook his head, then patted Val on the back.

"Really? You're happy?" I was stunned.

"Of course I'm happy! Now tell me, how many weeks?" he looked down at my stomach, not able to tell.

"Close to 11 now. I have an appointment tomorrow actually."

My Dad left about an hour later, Val and I sat on the floor and leaned against the couch in front of the fire place talking. "You want me to come to the doctors with you tomorrow?"

I nodded, kissing him lightly. I flipped through some wedding magazines, circling things here and there. I decided that I would get my dress in Finland, and have it fitted only a couple of days before the wedding since I would be getting bigger.

"You know what I want?" I laid my head on his shoulder.

"What's that?" he kissed my forehead.

"For the whole team to come, and all of them can wear their jerseys over their tuxes, I want the cup to be their too, and everything can be red and white." I envisioned it in my mind.

"Sounds great." he smiled, "So where is this going to be?"

"In your back yard"

"In Finland!" he got excited. "This is going to be great, have I told you how much I love you?"

"Only five times in the last half an hour" I laughed.

We sat their planning out our wedding, and actually got quite a bit done. We decided that we would leave for Finland next week, then fly to Canada when my Dad has his party for the cup.

We sat in silence, staring into the dancing flames making shadows on the floor in front of us. I found it hypnotising and quickly fell asleep leaning against Val, as he rubbed my back gently.

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They are the cutest couple :)